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Evolving Brands

Establish two new brands following structural change in the business

  • Client

    Stellenbosch Financial Planning

Change needed

Work with a client who, in his own words, finds all things marketing ‘dull’ and wanted to spend as little time as possible on a required re-brand. Following change in the business infrastructure, two new brands needed to be developed that had to stand alone to meet regulatory requirements, but also look and feel part of the same business stable.

I was surprised how easy, enjoyable and interactive the process was. I was even more surprised by the added value we got out of it by learning and solidifying who we really were and what we stood for as a business. The Orchid team were friendly, easy going and professional which made it a pleasure to work with them. 100% wish I’d worked with them sooner.

Adrian Davies


Our solution

Adrian got in touch with Orchid having been highly recommended by another St James’s Place partner practice, Cooper Associates Group.

Recognising his honest reluctance to spend a lot of time on the project, we had to deliver a vital re-brand swiftly and effectively.

Following our established brand kick-start process Adrian and his team helped us shape the required and desired brand strategy and identities for the Constantia and Stellenbosch brands.

Constantia hero

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