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Earning Our Stripes

Bringing to life a strong brand that’s often misunderstood.

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Changed needed

The Investec brand, with its distinctive zebra, is recognised the world over. But this South African banking icon is often less well known for what they do. Our task is to raise awareness of services offered and the role the bank plays in the local community.

Our solution

Orchid provides a multi-skilled outsourced marketing resource to support the bank’s small in-house team with expert PR, design and strategic brand counsel.

Over the past six years we’ve delivered many successful campaigns and bespoke project work for iconic events such as the Durrell Rainforest Ball in Jersey, creating the ‘Investec End’ at the Jersey Rugby Club, promoting Investec’s support for its local communities, and promoting their sponsorship of the landmark Renoir exhibition in Guernsey.


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