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Sick Isn’t Weak

At Orchid one of our core values is ‘good’.  We are passionate about working with brands that do good and make us feel good. With a growing portfolio of not-for-profit clients, we track global charitable campaigns with interest as non-profit marketing rapidly matures. It’s an extremely crowded marketplace to stand out in. This campaign from SickKids is possibly the most powerful cause related marketing we have ever seen. 

SickKids, the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, is Canada’s largest centre dedicated to improving children’s health in the country. Their brand proposition is simple – they are fighting a battle against disease. A battle that began in 1875. Their campaigns are beautifully scripted, crafted and produced. Heart-breaking and inspiring in one.  Battle analogies wash through the voiceover and visuals, providing sustained impact and drama. 

The video style is brave; the tone emphatic. Their current campaign invites you to join their battle to shatter the limits of boundaries and help them move from defence to offence in their desire to build a new hospital. 

It will be their new battleground to keep waging war in order to save lives. I don’t even live in Canada and I donated!


Images and videos courtesy of www.sickkidsfoundation.com

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